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Special Features

This site lists all features that are different to the original RPG_RT.

Support for games of any language

The original RPG_RT has problems handling games from countries that use characters which are not in the current codepage of the system.

Example: If you live in England, your (Windows) system has the codepage for Western European (1252) set. With this codepage it's not possible to play Russian or Japanese games because their characters are not encoded in this codepage. This problem applies to all older applications that are not Unicode aware. Unicode is an encoding that provides a mapping for all characters used in the world.

The EasyRPG Player is of course unicode aware but you have to hint him, what encoding the game uses. The encoding is automatically guessed from database terms tab texts. However, encoding can be overridden by editing the RPG_RT.ini in the game folder and adding the following entry:


#### must be replaced by a number that specifes the codepage, for example:

Name Number Use for
Western European 1252 English games or games from most western Europe and America countries
Windows-1251 1251 Cyrillic games (full Cyrillic support for Russian and other languages)
Windows-1250 1250 Central European games (mostly Latin Extended A glyphs)
Shift-JIS 932 Japanese games (with Hiragana, Katakana or Kanji)
Big5 950 Traditional Chinese games (Taiwan, Hong Kong)

Both automatic detection and RPG_RT.ini Encoding value can be overriden by using the --encoding command line interface option.

Support for all known RTP editions

It doesn't matter if you have official Japanese, English RTP or unofficial translations installed. The player will take care of loading the correct files for you, just make sure that the games encoding is set to the correct value.

Fast Forward feature

The speed of a game can be increased by holding a key, by default F for x3 and G for x10. This allows to win time while playing games, especially if you are in a long cutscene for example.

Proper loop support for mp3 files

On the original RPG_RT, the editions that support mp3 files have an issue where the mp3 is not properly looped (there's a small pause when it should loop). EasyRPG does not have this issue and properly loop mp3 files.

Proper error support

When a file is missing in RPG_RT outside of sound files, a generic message is displayed stating that said file is missing and RPG_RT crashes. On EasyRPG, a warning message is displayed and the missing asset is replaced by a placeholder, allowing you to continue playing and better identifie the issue. If an invalid event is specified, EasyRPG will tell you which event was specified, unlike RPG_RT who will only tell you that said event is invalid.

Multiple platforms support

Unlike the original RPG_RT which is only available on Windows, EasyRPG Player is natively supported on Windows, Linux, macos, Android, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation Vita and Nintendo Switch.

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