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Unzip games with specific encodings

Some games are distributed in .zip packages. Lots of these have file names with non-ASCII encoding characters.

Most zip files are not using Unicode, so they need a special procedure to be unpacked properly.

Option 1: Unar

unar (from The Unarchiver) automatically detects zip encoding and it's available on most distributions. It also supports rar files.

Option 2: p7zip and encoding conversion


  • Installed locales for languages to decode.
  • p7zip-full
  • convmv

Commands for specific encodings:


LANG=ja_JP 7za x
cd gamefolder
convmv --notest -f shiftjis -t utf8 -r *

Traditional Chinese (Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao...)

LANG=zh_HK 7za x
cd gamefolder
convmv --notest -f cp950 -t utf8 -r *

Alternatively, zh_TW and other should work fine too.

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