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Command Line Arguments

All arguments must be prefixed with a double dash.

battle-test NStart a battle test with monster party N.
disable-audioDisable audio (in case you prefer your own music).
disable-rtpDisable support for the Runtime Package (RTP).
encoding NInstead of using the default platform encoding or the one in RPG_RT.ini the encoding N is used.
engine ENGINEDisable auto detection of the simulated engine. Possible options: rpg2k, rpg2k3
fullscreenStart in fullscreen mode.
hide-titleHide the title background image and center the command menu.
load-game-id NSkip the title scene and load SaveN.lsd (N is padded to two digits).
new-gameSkip the title scene and start a new game directly.
project-path PATHInstead of using the working directory the game in PATH is used.
start-map-id NOverwrite the map used for new games and use. MapN.lmu instead (N is padded to four digits). Incompatible with –load-game-id.
start-position X YOverwrite the party start position and move the party to position (X, Y). Incompatible with –load-game-id.
test-playEnable TestPlay mode.
windowStart in window mode.
versionDisplay program version and exit.
helpDisplay this help and exit.
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