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Command Line Arguments

This page could be outdated. Check for up to date command line documentation.

--battle-test N or BattleTest 'ID' Start a battle test with monster party N.
--disable-audioDisable audio (in case you prefer your own music, though you can just lower the volume to 0 in the settings since 0.8.0). Using this setting will cause the Conditional Branch: BGM has completed a loop to always be returned as false, and the command Control Variables: Set MIDI tick will count the number of seconds that have passed since the last time a new music has been played independently of the content of the file (note that speeding up the game will also speed up the progress of this value). Otherwise, works as expected.
--disable-rtpDisable support for the Run Time Package (RTP). Will lead to checkerboard graphics and silent music/sound effects in games depending on the RTP.
--encoding NInstead of auto detecting the encoding or using the one in RPG_RT.ini, the encoding N is used. Use auto for automatic detection.
--engine ENGINEDisable auto detection of the simulated engine. Possible options: rpg2k (RPG Maker 2000 engine, v1.00 - v1.10), rpg2kv150 (RPG Maker 2000 engine, v1.50 - v1.51), rpg2ke (RPG Maker 2000 engine, English release, v1.61), rpg2k3 (RPG Maker 2003 engine, v1.00 - v1.04), rpg2k3v105 (RPG Maker 2003 engine, v1.05 - v1.09a) and rpg2k3e (RPG Maker 2003 engine, English release).
--fullscreenStart in full screen mode.
--show-fpsEnable frames per second counter.
--fps-render-windowRender the frames per second counter in both full screen and windowed mode.
--fps-limitSet a custom frames per second limit. If unspecified, the default is 60 fps. Set to 0 to disable the frame limiter. This option may not be supported on all platforms.
--no-vsyncDisable vsync and use fps-limit. Vsync may or may not be supported on all platforms. Check the engine log to verify whether or not vsync actually is being used.
--enable-mouseUse mouse click for decision and scroll wheel for lists.
--enable-touchUse one/two finger tap for decision/cancel.
--hide-title or HideTitleHide the title background image and center the command menu.
--load-game-id NSkip the title scene and load SaveN.lsd (N is padded to two digits).
--new-gameSkip the title scene and start a new game directly.
--project-path PATHInstead of using the working directory the game in PATH is used.
--rtp-path PATHAdds PATH to the RTP directory list and use this one with highest precedence.
--record-input PATHRecords all button input to a log file at PATH.
--replay-input PATHReplays button input from a log file at PATH, as generated by –record-input. If the RNG seed (–seed) and the state of the save file directory is also the same as it was when the log was recorded, this should reproduce an identical run to the one recorded.
--save-path PATHInstead of storing save files in the game directory they are stored in PATH. The directory must exist. When using the game browser all games will share the same save directory!
--seed NSeeds the random number generator with N.
--autobattle-algo ALGOWhich AutoBattle algorithm to use. Possible options are RPG_RT (The default RPG_RT compatible algo, including RPG_RT bugs), RPG_RT+ (The default RPG_RT compatible algo, with bug fixes) and ATTACK (RPG_RT+ but only physical attacks, no skills).
--enemyai-algo ALGOWhich EnemyAI algorithm to use. Possible options are RPG_RT (The default RPG_RT compatible algo, including RPG_RT bugs) and RPG_RT+ (The default RPG_RT compatible algo, with bug fixes).
--patch 'PATCH_A' ['PATCH_B' '…​']Force emulation of engine patches, disabling auto detection. Possible options are none (Disable all patches), dynrpg (DynRPG patch by Cherry) and maniac (Maniac Patch by BingShan).
--start-map-id NOverwrite the map used for new games and use MapN.lmu instead (N is padded to four digits). Incompatible with load-game-id.
--start-position X YOverwrite the party start position and move the party to position (X, Y). Incompatible with load-game-id.
--start-party A B…Overwrite the starting party members with the actors with IDs A, B, C… Incompatible with load-game-id.
--language LANGLoads the game translation in language/'LANG' folder.
--soundfont FILEAdds FILE to the list of soundfonts used for playing MIDI files and use this one with highest precedence. The soundfont must be in SF2 format.
--test-play or TestPlayEnable test play mode.
--window or WindowStart in window mode.
--no-log-colorDisable colors in terminal log.
-v or --versionDisplay program version and exit.
-h or --helpDisplay help and exit.
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