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Command Line Arguments

This page could be outdated. Check for up to date command line documentation.

--battle-test NStart a battle test with monster party N.
--disable-audioDisable audio (in case you prefer your own music).
--disable-rtpDisable support for the Run Time Package (RTP).
--encoding NInstead of auto detecting the encoding or using the one in RPG_RT.ini, the encoding N is used. Use auto for automatic detection.
--engine ENGINEDisable auto detection of the simulated engine. Possible options: rpg2k, rpg2k3 and rpg2k3e (English release).
--fullscreenStart in full screen mode.
--show-fpsEnable frames per second counter.
--hide-titleHide the title background image and center the command menu.
--load-game-id NSkip the title scene and load SaveN.lsd (N is padded to two digits).
--new-gameSkip the title scene and start a new game directly.
--project-path PATHInstead of using the working directory the game in PATH is used.
--save-path PATHInstead of storing save files in the game directory they are stored in PATH. The directory must exist. When using the game browser all games will share the same save directory!
--seed NSeeds the random number generator with N.
--start-map-id NOverwrite the map used for new games and use MapN.lmu instead (N is padded to four digits). Incompatible with load-game-id.
--start-position X YOverwrite the party start position and move the party to position (X, Y). Incompatible with load-game-id.
--start-party A B…Overwrite the starting party members with the actors with IDs A, B, C… Incompatible with load-game-id.
--test-playEnable test play mode.
--windowStart in window mode.
--versionDisplay program version and exit.
--helpDisplay this help and exit.
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