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Button mapping

The buttons are mapped similarly to the original RPG_RT but EasyRPG Player additionally provides more functions.

Normal Keys

Buttons Function
Up, K, Num8, W Move up
Down, J, Num2, S Move down
Left, H, Num4, A Move left
Right, L, Num6, D Move right
Enter, Z, Y, Space, Num Enter Actions (Select menu item and talk to NPCs)
Esc, Backspace, X, C, V, B, N, Num0 Cancel (Open menu and cancel actions)
Page down Scroll down one page in selection dialogs
Page up Scroll up one page in selection dialogs

Game specific keys

These keys have game specific functions. Most games don't use them.

Button Function
Left/Right Shift Shift
Num0-9 0-9
Num+ +
Num- -
Num* *
Num/ /
Num. .

Special Keys

Button Function
F Speed up the game by factor 3 (fast forward)
G Speed up the game by factor 10 (fast forward)
Left/Right CTRL Hold to walk through walls and disable battle encounters (TestPlay mode only)
F2 Toggle FPS (frames per second)
F3 Toggle Debug log
F4, Alt+Enter Toggle Fullscreen
F5 Toggle Zoom (1x, 2x and higher depending on your screen resolution)
F7 Take screenshot (Saved in the save game directory)
F9 Open Debug menu (TestPlay mode only)
F10 Abort active events (TestPlay mode only)
F11 Open Save menu (TestPlay mode only)
F12 Hold to return to title screen
Cancel + Shift keys 5 times Open Menu even if not allowed (TestPlay mode only)
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