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RTP replacement

Most games made with RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 make use of a media resources library, containing graphics, music and sounds, called "Run-Time Package" (RTP). Those data is often a game dependency, not included with the game data, designed for the common usage of materials. But this data is not free. To make it free (as freedom), we need a free replacement to guarantee the free distribution (if the rest of the game data is free), compatibility and execution of those games.

Project status

There was an old almacén storage web made by Peisi now unmaintained. That web holds all material contributions, both RTP and non-RTP. Now the project wants to push priority for the RTP replacement contributions first.

Now the wiki will hold the most part of RTP information, with the exception of the RTP replacement materials, there will be in a specific web database self maintained by the own artist contributions. The development of that site is currently in development. The RTP documentation on the wiki currently has more priority and currently is near completion.

RTP documentation tasks to do:

  • Make table for both 2000 and 2003 for characters available on CharSet, FaceSet, Monster, BattleCharSet for an unified costume and design. [fdelapena]
  • Make table for both 2000 and 2003 for battle animations similar from 2000 to 2003 to not repeat work of replacement (most sprites are almost identical). [fdelapena]
  • Add to the translation tables other RPG Maker 200X translations (a lot of hours each). [fdelapena] Currently known and pending:
    • 2003 official Hong Kong Chinese version.
    • 2003 unofficial Korean version.
    • 2003 unknown origin FIXME version, used by Brazilian Portuguese distributions.
    • 2003 unknown origin FIXME variant version with character bugs (SysteméQC/), used in Hellsoft Spanish version and derived (
  • Complete RTP replacement mini site. [fdelapena]
  • Create an extensive and detailed optimization guide for artist/developers for the materials. [fdelapena]

RTP replacement contributions

RTP database

Current maintainers

  • fdelapena (Francisco de la Peña) is working on the material management, database and documentation of the project.
  • Marina is working on the character graphics design, as for CharSet.
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