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EasyRPG Player for the Web

EasyRPG supports running games directly inside your web browser.

If you want to test it you can play with a Demo of our TestGame. Try also a working game: Ib

How does it work

Web request are asynchronous. This means that all assets like pictures and music must be fetched asynchronously. When the Player wants to display a new graphic it will appear on the desktop versions (Windows, Linux, Android, …) immedieately but on the web it will be invisible while the file is downloaded. Once the downloaded finishes it is replaced with the real image.

In contrast to images and music some files are important to continue execution. When a map file is pending the Player will halt until the file is downloaded. The first halt is while the Logo is displayed on startup, it downloads the database and the maptree here. Download of map files is blocking, too. But this is usually not noticable because the download is executed while the fadeout animation plays (it will stay black when the map downloading takes longer then this).

Hosting your own games

Hosting your own games is quite simple. Just follow these three steps.

Deploying the Player on your server

Download this archive and extract it on your server.

Your server needs support for PHP (most servers support this).

You will get the following files:

  • index.html
  • index.js
  • index.html.mem
  • games/index.php
Preprocessing steps for games

Because of limitations in web browser you must convert all your midi and mp3 audio files to ogg. To do this run TODO.

Deploying a game on your server

The following only apply when you use our index.php.

Your games are expected in subdirectories of the games directory. The default game executed is the one in games/default. You can create further games by just putting them in subdirectories of the games directory. Because of security considerations (directory traversal) your directory name may not contain ., \ or cache.

If your games directory is not writable for PHP create a cache folder in games and give it write permissions. You can skip this step if games is writable. You can revoke read permission on this folder for world/others.

Run games/?update once. You have to run this each time you change files of the game. For other games then default use games/?update&game=folder_name.

Now open the index.html file and your default game should start. To play a different game pass ?game=folder_name to your index file.

Technical details about the server side

The index.php works as a file finder which allows case-insensitive lookup of files.

Depending on the requested file it either returns 404 or a Location-header to the file on the server.

This is required because Windows is case-insensitive (and original RPG2k was for Windows) and because the file extensions are not stored. Charset/Hero1 could be Hero1.png, hero1.bmp or, depending on which file exists.


The file System/System1 is requested. The server returns Location: games/default/System/System1.png. The same result is expected for file SyStEm/systEM1.


Our file finder is stored under src/platform/easyrpg-filefinder.php. In case you want to replace the file finder you only have to fulfill a very simple API.

The directory struture of the games folder is not part of the API contract. The player only expects that accessing games/ invokes the file finder.

The only GET arguments that must be supported are game and file.

game is the name of the game that is executed.

file is the name of the file the game requests.

When a file is requested it must return a downloadable representation of the file. How doesn't matter, it can be an octet-stream or a redirect via Location-header. If the file is not found 404 must be returned.

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