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Compiling Player on Visual Studio

Things Needed

EasyRPG Source Code

Kind of obvious as you can't compile something you haven't, check getting-sources for more info.

Visual C++ 2010

You can find Visual Studio 2010 here. You can find a free version of Visual C++ 2010 here.

Precompiled libraries

EasyRPG Player needs several libraries for compiling. It would be a bit tedious getting all those libraries one by one, so we have prepared a simple and quick installer with the needed dependencies.

You can get the last version of the installer here. Install it and skip to Compiling Player. If Visual Studio was running during the installation you have to restart it!

Or, if you want a zipped file with all precompiled libs instead get this. You will need to manually add the EASYDEV_MSVC enviroment variable and target the path where you place them.

Getting the libraries

If you are using the precompiled libraries you can skip this part.

You can get the needed libraries from the following pages:

  • SDL 1.2, file (where XX is the current release number)
  • SDL Image 1.2, file (where XX is the current release number)
  • SDL Mixer 1.2, file (where XX is the current release number)
  • SDL TTF 2.0, file (where XX is the current release number)
  • SDL GFX 2.0, you will need to compile SDL GFX

You will need to adjust the project include directories for these libraries.

Compiling Player

You will need to compile the Readers library first.

Open the solution file in player\builds\vs2010 , select the "Release" configuration from the configuration manager pulldown menu and then go to Build→Build solution, or just press Control-F7 to compile it.

The Player executable should be in the folder bin\testgame\Player.exe. If you are not using the precompiled libraries, and you have dinamically linked Player, you will need to place the required .dll in the same folder Player.exe is.

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