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 ^Name^Description^ ^Name^Description^
 |USE_SDL|Use SDL as a rendering backend| |USE_SDL|Use SDL as a rendering backend|
-|USE_OPENGL|Use OpenGL for rendering backend| 
 |USE_SDL_MIXER|Use SDL_mixer for audio backend| |USE_SDL_MIXER|Use SDL_mixer for audio backend|
-|USE_OPENAL|Use OpenAL for audio backend| +|HAVE_WINE|Use WINE registry parser with UTF-16 support using with Boost::​Spirit (requires boost development libraries, not only headers), otherwise will fallback to INIReader parser|
-|UNIX|Unix like system needs this| +
-|USE_PIXMAN_BITMAP|Use pixman at bitmap| +
-|USE_SDL_BITMAP|Use SDL at bitmap| +
-|USE_SOFT_BITMAP|Use Soft at bitmap| +
-|USE_SDL_TTF|Use SDL_ttf for font drawing| +
-|USE_SDL_IMAGE|Use SDL_image for image loading|+
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