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About EasyRPG

EasyRPG is a project to create a free (as in freedom) Role Playing Game (RPG) creation tool.

The project consists on several tools and resources: Editor, Player, RTP Replacement.

The structure is inspired on a commercial product called "RPG Maker".

EasyRPG Editor

The Editor is an application with an user interface to design roleplaying games.

It consists on:

  • A main map editor window where you can draw tile based maps
  • A data base window dialog where you can create or customize your characters, habilities, enemies, terrains, etc.
  • Window dialogs to edit map properties, trigger battles every steps on map, etc.
  • Window dialogs to add and manage map events, to handle commands for this events, display NPCs, messages etc.

EasyRPG Player

The Player is an application to run games made with EasyRPG Editor.

Also it can play RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 games directly. Currently is the main feature in development.

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