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Editor-GTK code formatting conventions

Editor-GTK conventions are like player conventions, but with some changes since the editor is written in Vala.



All upper case, with underscores as name separators, but no leading/trailing underscores:

Type names

Clases should be UpperCamelCase.

class MainWindow : Gtk.Window {
class Armor : Item {

Functions should be lower case with underscores as word separators.

void this_is_a_function() {

Properties should have getter and setter defined:

class Foo {
    private int random_int { public get; private set; }
    public bool has_something { public get; public set; }

Variables should be lower case with underscores as word separators.

int this_is_a_variable;


Use /* This style */ preferably.

Please use Valadoc comment style (Javadoc like) for code documentation.

License File Header

Remember to copy (from any other existing file) the license header to all new created files.

Special comments
// TODO: what is left to do
// FIXME: what code and in what circumstances it does not work, and if possible why it does not work well
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