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 ====== Getting the EasyRPG sources ====== ====== Getting the EasyRPG sources ======
-The source code is available on a Subversion repository hosted on The URL of the EasyRPG subversion repository is ''​https://​​svnroot/​easyrpg/​trunk''​. +You can find main repositories at
- +
-For getting it you have several options: +
-  * Do ''​svn co https://​​svnroot/​easyrpg/​trunk/​ DEST_DIR''​ in terminal/​console (Change DEST_DIR to the destination directory). ​You will need to install [[http://​​|Subversion]] first. +
-  * There are many GUI SVN clients, for example: [[http://​​downloads|TortoiseSVN]] on Windows, and [[http://​​|RabbitVCS]] on GNU/Linux. After installing it, do a checkout of ''​​easyrpg/​trunk''​ in a folder. +
-  * Download a tar.gz with the sources [[http://​​viewvc/​easyrpg/​trunk/?​view=tar]],​ then unpack the sources somewhere.+
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